Prashant and Nishant Mallick popularly known as ‘Mallick Brothers’ belong to the illustrious music family of Darbhanga Gharana which is more than 450 years old music tradition and they represent the 13th generation of this musical lineage that has produced many musical masters. Their training in Dhrupad music started at an early age under the tutelage of their father Pt. Prem Kumar Mallick, renowned Dhrupad vocalist. Later, they also had the privilege to learn the core of Dhrupad gayaki from their grandfather Dhrupad legend, Pandit Vidur Mallick.

Mallick Brothers are listed among the finest Dhrupad vocalists in the field of Hindustani Vocal. With the soulful voice and powerful singing style they have developed into artists of great maturity and are considered to be one of the torchbearers of the new generation in the field of Dhrupad music. Their vocal rendition of Dhrupad carries the richness of Gauharbani and Khandarbani style which is unique and carries rich aesthetics. The intricate Layakari (rhythmic improvization) in various meter (laya), along with variety of subtle variations of sound and improvisations in Alap by modulation of volume and sound application is the main feature of their Vocal recital. The use of straight line Meends and soot, and various kind of Gamak elaboration keeping intact the text of the composition during their performance as per their traditional style gives an overall effect of great completeness and charm. 

Mallick Brothers are an “A” Grade artist of Dhrupad music of All India Radio and Doordarshan; their programmes are regularly broadcasted from time to time on A.I.R and National Television.

They have successfully performed at many prestigious music festivals all over India and abroad including The Lizard World Music Festival at London (UK) in 1999, Stimmen Festival-the World Music Festival at Basel (Switzerland) in 2005, South Asian World Music Festival, DARBAR Festival at Leicester (UK) in 2007 and at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London 2014, Theatre De La Ville Music festival at Paris (France) in 2009, TFF World music festival, at Rudolstadt (Germany) in 2011, WDR 3 Radio Music festival, Bielefeld (Germany) in 2012, Southbank Centre DARBAR Festival, London (UK) in 2014.

Mallick Brothers have conducted several music workshops on Dhrupad/Indian classical music at various Universities and Institutions in India & Abroad including Dhrupad music workshop at Weimar University, Germany.
Prashant Mallick in addition is in the Board of jury members at many Government and other allied bodies like All India Radio, Doordarshan, National Center for the Performing Arts, Mumbai (NCPA), I.C.C.R, New Delhi to name a few.  As an Expert Speaker he is regularly being Invited at the International seminar and workshop organized by ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Central Sangeet Natak Akademi & National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai where legendary musicians are invited along with Sh. Prashant including Sh. Javed Akhtar, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Shankar Mahadevan, Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma, Chairman-Central Sangeet Natak Akademi Sh. Shekhar Sen, Vidushi Aruna Sairam (Vice Chairman, SNA, New Delhi), Dr. N. Rajam, Gundecha Brothers, Pt. Suresh Talwalkar, Sh. Ganesh Kumar, Dr. Ashwini Bhide to name a few.

Mallick Brothers have been recorded in their LIVE music concerts by Radio RBB, Berlin, BBC London, and Radio WDR3 Music, Bielefeld (Germany).
MUSIC ALBUM released by Celestial Harmonies, Germany, Herder Music Company, Germany as well as Bihaan Music Company, India.
1. In Praise of Goddess
2. Goddess Divine Energy
3. Meditational Mantra
4. Eternal Bliss: Dhrupad 

Earlier, Sh. Prashant Mallick has worked as Programme Officer (Music) and Dhrupad Project Coordinator at Sangeet Natak Akademi, (National Academy of Music, Dance and Drama), New Delhi and has given good contribution in the development and popularization of Indian music. Further he has also worked as Indian music specialist for University of Weimar, Germany at the Global music project featuring 25 countries music analysis and their rhythmic pattern. At present Sh. Prashant Mallick is associated with Doordarshan DD Bharati as Channel Advisor (Music).

Additionally Mallick Brothers are giving training to the youth in Dhrupad and have founded a Dhrupad school ‘Pandit Vidur Mallick Dhrupad Academy’ (A non-profit institution engaged in the service of development, propagation, and promotion of Dhrupad music). This Dhrupad School is empanelled with Indian Council for Cultural Relations, (ICCR) New Delhi.