Lt. Pt. Sukhdev Mallick
Lt. Padamshree Pt. Ramchatur Mallick
Lt. Padamshree Pt. Siyaram Tiwari
Lt. Pt. Vidur Mallick

The Mallik Family is the leading representative of the court music tradition of Darbhanga, a former state in the north-eastern corner of India, close to the Nepalese border. They retrace their line to the singers Late Pt. Radhakrishna and Kartaram, who arrived at the Court of Darbhanga in the 18th century after having studied over twenty-five years with Lt. Ustad Bhupat Khan, a descendant of the famous Mughal court singer Tansen. At the time the region of Darbhanga had suffered a period of famine and severe drought. The brothers offered help and began singing Raaga Megh (the magical raga of rain), producing a heavy downpour instantly. Gratefully the maharaja Madhav Singh granted them several villages and the surrounding land where the family resides until today. They became not only land owners (”Mallik”=”Owner”) but also the Mallik family provided the chief court musicians for the Maharajas of Darbhanga. After the abolition of the Royal Courts following the Indian independence in 1947, the Malliks embarked on public concerts career which made them known all over India and abroad.

The Malliks are famous all over the World for a very rhythmically elaborated interpretation of Dhrupad. Except for old Dhrupad and Dhamar compositions - of which they possess an unparalleled stock - they are also known for their exposition of Khyal, Taranas, Ghazals, Bhajans and songs of the medieval poet Vidyapati in Thumri style.

The long-lived tradition of the Dhrupad lineage of Darbhanga Tradition is embodied in the stunning force of Alapa, the incessant flow of laya joined with the finest literature (poetry). The use of Khandarwani and Gauharwani. Originally, this gharana has maintained the branches of veena and pakhawaj playing as well. The performance of the Darbhanga Gharana of dhrupad singers can be distinguished mainly by the way compositions are sung after the alap. The distinctive feature of the gharana is powerful and expressive vocal delivery, combined with a lively style of performance. The famous musicians of Darbhanga gharana in the Past were- Pt. Dharmlal Mallick, Pt. Bhim Mallick (Pakhawaj), Pt. Kchitpal Mallick, Pt. Nehal Mallick (Veena), Pt. Rajitram Mallick, Pt. Vishnudev Pathak, Pt. Sukhdev Mallick, Padmashree Pt. Ramchatur Mallick, Pt. Mahavir & Yaduvir Mallick, Padmashree Pt.Siyaram Tiwari & the Dhrupad maestro Pt.Vidur Mallick. At present Pt. Abhay Narayan Mallick, Dr. Pt. Prem Kumar Mallick and Pt. Ram Kumar Mallick are the prominent Singers whereas Pt. Ramashish Pathak, Sri Ramesh Mallick and Sri Anand Kumar Mallick are the Pakhawaj players of Darbhanga Tradition. The 13th generation of young musicians have already started giving their performances and are the rising star of future Classical Music, namely Sri Prashant Kumar Mallick, Sri Samit Kumar Mallick, Ms. Priyanka Mallick (Hindustani Classical Music) Sri Nishant Kumar Mallick, Shri Vibhu Shankar Mishra (Hindustani Classical Music) and Sri Kaushik Mallick (Pakhawaj).